Remediation of the Undeveloped Buffer Property under the TCEQ’s Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) has been completed.

Remediation of the Undeveloped Buffer Property under the TCEQ’s Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) has been completed.  The Undeveloped Buffer Property consists of approximately 170 acres of undeveloped land surrounding the Former Operating Plant.  For the VCP project, Exide and the City of Frisco and its economic and community development entities (purchasers of the Undeveloped Buffer Property) are co-applicants.  The cleanup met residential clean-up criteria, with a cleanup standard for lead of half of the residential cleanup standard.  On July 31, 2018, the Response Action Completion Report (RACR), which documents the remediation process and completion, was submitted to TCEQ for review.  The RACR is being posted for public review for at least a 30-day comment period. A public meeting is being scheduled for the latter half of the comment period and details concerning the public meeting and the end date of the public comment period will follow.


The RACR has been added to the Undeveloped Buffer Property Investigation and Remediation project page as well as to the Documents & Data page. A copy of the RACR is also available at the Frisco Public Library

Open Landfill Re-Sampling and Temporary Cover

Class 2 Landfill Risk Evaluation of Remedial Alternatives

Golder Associates Inc. (Golder), on behalf of Exide Technologies, has completed an evaluation of remedial alternatives to address treated slag in the onsite Class 2 landfill with analytical results above the Universal Treatment Standards.  The results of this evaluation are presented in a report titled “Exide Class 2 Landfill Risk Evaluation of Remedial Alternatives” dated August 2014. The Risk Evaluation was submitted to and is under review by the TCEQ.    

For public review and comment,  the Risk Evaluation has been posted to the Open Landfill Remediation Project Page, the Documents & Data Page (under “Open Landfill Remediation”), as well as below:

Exide Class 2 Landfill Risk Evaluation of Remedial Alternatives (dated August 2, 2014)

Information regarding the Risk Evaluation will be available at the September 18, 2014 public meeting.  Public input regarding the Risk Evaluation can be submitted to Exide via the "Question or Comment” section on this website or by email directed to; Exide will promptly provide all comments received to TCEQ.  The comment period will end on October 10, 2014


Interim Action Report

Golder Associates Inc. (Golder), on behalf of Exide Technologies, has performed interim actions to remove Slag and Battery Case Fragments and immediately underlying sediment from Stewart Creek downstream of the Former Operating Plant (FOP).  The interim actions were performed between the FOP and Lake Lewisville.  This work was performed in accordance with the Interim Action Work Plan (IAWP) prepared by Golder on November 7, 2013 and conditionally approved by the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality on December 17, 2013 along with subsequent correspondence.  This Interim Action Report summarizes the completed activities and results of post-removal sampling for the interim actions.

The associated documents have been posted to the Former Operating Plant project page, the Documents and Data page, as well as below:

Interim Action Report Slag and Battery Case Fragment Removal and Disposal, dated 08/22/2014

Revised Former Operating Plant APAR

Exide submitted the Revised Former Operating Plant (FOP) Affected Property Assessment Report (APAR) to the TCEQ and the EPA on May 22, 2014.  The report was prepared by Golder Associates Inc.  and represents an update to the July 9, 2013 APAR for the FOP prepared by Pastor, Behling, & Wheeler, LLC (PBW).  This APAR describes the methods, findings, and results of investigation activities performed at the Site, and upstream and downstream areas of Stewart Creek.

A copy of the report is presented on the Former Operating Plant page and on the Documents & Data page.  

Former Operating Plant APAR Extension

The EPA and TCEQ approved an extension of the due date for submission of the revised APAR for the FOP, which is now due on or before May 24, 2014.  An extension was requested due to difficulty gaining access to properties along Stewart Creek and also due to adverse weather conditions.

Copies of the approval letters can be found below, as well as on the PROJECT PAGE:

TCEQ Approval of Request for Extension, dated 3/31/2014

EPA Approval of Request for Extension, dated 4/7/2014